FIBBO Polyester Insulation

Low Cost Commercial Building & Low Cost Residential Building

Key Applications:

  • Home Theatre
  • Cinema Theatre
  • Board Rooms
  • Community Hall
  • Auditorium
  • Server Room
  • Generator Room
  • Restaturant
  • Gym
  • Recording Room
  • Open Plan Office System (OPOS)
  • Music Class Room

The Product Details:

FIBBO ( Thermo Acoustic Solutions ) Polyester insulation materials are made from a high percentage of recycled plastic bottles. This material is allergy free compared to GLASS WOOL AND ROCKWOOL insulation. This contains NO GLASS FIBRES, FORMALDEHYDE or ASBESTOS and safe to use without protective clothing.

The Key Features Of Our Products Are:

  • They have good 'R' and NRC values characterizing their thermal insulation and acoustic properties.
  • Do not absorb moisture and hence prevents bacteria, mildew, fungal formations.
  • Lightweight and hence reduces cost and time of installation.
  • Environment friendly and safe handle.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Hypo allergenic.
  • Manufactured from 70% Post Process recyceled material and is itself 100% recyclable, hence improves LEED Rating.
  • Helps in drastically reducing energy consumption and therefore plays an important role "GREEN BUILDING" compliance and sustainable design.
  • Retrofit installation in existing facilities without hampering work/production process on shop floor/commercial space.
  • Variety and versatility of options in manufacture viz., different densities, thickness. Shapes to best suit client conditions and requirements.
  • * Return on Investment over a 3 – 5 year period by way of energy savings earned.
  • * Varies according to geographical location and subject to optimal installation procedures

Application Of Products :

Fibbo TA Roof Panel Sizes Colours
False Ceiling for commercial & Residential utilities in grid format 2'x2' 2'x3' 2'x6' 3'x3'
Thickness: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
As per Swatch
Fibbo TA Industrial Batt
Commercial and residential utilities including schools and hospital where noise control and speech intelligibility are required. Also used in recording rooms, home theatres and auditoria to control minimize reverberation. 600 x 70 x 3m
750 x 70 x 3m
900 x 70 x 3m
600 x 50 x 3m
750 x 50 x 3m
900 x 50 x 3m
Colour and print customization possible
Fibbo TA Industrial Batt
CIndustrial shed roof under decks insulations Width upto 1.8mtrs. Length upto 10.0mtrs
Thickness: 70, 95, 125 & 140
Fibbo TA Duct Insulation
HVAC duct inner lining insulation Conforming to inner profile of duct.
Thickness : 15mm