Pre FAB Buildings

Pre FAB Buildings

Key Applications:

  • Commercial Building
  • Farmhouse
  • Labour Cartage
  • Generator Room
  • Site Office
  • Industrial Shaders
  • Industrial Mezzanine Floor

The Product Details:

Prefabrication is the part of the construction, nowadays it is getting familiar day by day. In last 20 years the prefabricated structures are being very common for erecting a building. Even the Prefabricated Building is also has been taking hype. There are numerous reasons which you will get to know here. The Engko is the best Prefabricated Structures Manufacturer in Kuniyamuthur Coimbatore. We are been there in capital as well as in India’s most of states before these prefab structures were in popularity. We are gripping the major number of client bases in Kuniyamuthur Coimbatore, Kuniyamuthur as well as in Coimbatore. And rooting the business to grow the business and let everyone have the best material manufactured products.

Pre-fabricated structures are light weight, durable, economical, re-locatable & energy efficient, thus these buildings are in huge demand and have been favored as an alternative to conventional building. Sturdy construction & innovative design makes these buildings earthquake resistant, leak proof & able to withstand any adverse conditions without compromising on building aesthetics.

Additional Features of Pre-Fabricated Structures

Adequate Insulation

Adequate insulation offers thermal & acoustic insulation properties and helps in maintaining a temperature difference of 5°-7° from outside temperature.

Cladding options

Different cladding options are available as per customer choice for better aesthetic finish like PPGI, SS, Cement fiber board, ACP.

Best alternative

cost-efficient alternative to conventional building masonry construction.


100% customized sizes available as per the customer requirements.

Energy savings

Low thermal conductivity helps in higher energy savings and maintains a desired temperature.

Earthquake & disaster resistant

Prominent & adequate features of modular prefabricated structure is earthquake & disaster resistant.

Light weight

Being light weighted, these prefabricated buildings are easy & quick to install without any additional cost.

Strong & steady

Walls & ceilings are strong enough to bear the load of AC’s, LED’s, projectors, smoke detectors.

Zero Maintenance

with ultimate features & quality, prefabricated structure does not requires any kind of maintenance.

What are the benefits of prefabricated buildings & structures?

Nowadays the one who wants to grow their business fast has less time. And the construction is the one of time taking procedure. So, those who can’t give that much time in construction can get the benefits of prefabricated buildings as well as structures and pre-engineered buildings. The whopping benefits of these structures will bring the spark in your eyes.

Why choose Sarva Associates for prefab structures in delhi?

There are numerous reasons to choose Engko for the prefabricated structures as well as buildings. We are having our own professional team that is working to devote you the best designed and durable building structures. We have an experienced engineer who inherits there skills in there work. You can also ask for the designs or you can share yours too. Because Engko production team test the every material after that we start the work of manufacturing.

You can book your appointment with our team to discuss your demand of the Prefab Buildings in Delhi. Our expert will elaborate the price as well as the quality material. At last we can say that proudly we are pocket-friendly for you.